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  • Over 16 hours of watchable desktop & mobile lessons
    • 96 info-packed lessons and counting!
  • All the useful lingo & concepts of business & finance
  • Comprehensive curriculum made for beginners:
    • Psychology & Key Concepts
    • Trading
    • Investing
    • Financial Markets
    • Modern Capitalism
    • Personal Finance
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Multimedia downloads for each lesson
  • Mobile & full-screen device compatibility
    • Android & iOS apps coming soon!

We bring the practice tools

  • Templates for trading, investing & business plans
  • Easy-to-use wizards to create your own:
    • Trading plan
    • Investing plan
    • Business plan, including financial projections
  • Practice your plans in the real world
  • Robust record-keeping tools to monitor progress:
    • Your trading strategies & results
    • Your investing strategies & results
    • Your new start-up business
  • Easy-to-use stock watch list modeled after the investing style of Warren Buffet

You bring the dedication

You can achieve anything you want, but you must be thirsty for it.

  • View success as a gradual learning process
  • Watch & re-watch lessons as frequently as possible
  • Craft your trading, investing and/or business plan
  • Practice your plan & keep careful records
  • Your goal: never stop improving

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